July 15, 2024

There are several products that focus on making sure that agricultural activities can be carried out safely and in the best way possible. There are many problems and issues related to agriculture that need to be addressed and by using shade net and ways, agricultural profits can be increased and better produces can be achieved.

Agricultural Innovation

With the advent of internet, smartphones and several other technological advances, many things which were hitherto unheard of are now possible. Like every field, agriculture is also a field that has experienced some great innovations in the past few decades. These include several crop boosters and controllers of weeds and insects. There are newer technologies that help quicken and better sowing, harvesting, storing and distribution of crops. From the first stage, to the maintenance of a growing crop where it is watered and given optimum sunlight, to the stage where a crop must be protected from insects, cold, over exposure to sunlight and wild animals to finally the stage where crops are harvested and stored well, every stage requires through determination and proper care. Only farmers and those who cultivate crops understand the amount of care that these plants require and need. Therefore, innovation in the field of agriculture helps not only the crops to prosper but also eases the burden of the farmer. One of these innovations is the Agro Shade Net..

Agro Shade Net

It is a simple yet powerful innovation that helps protect crops. As the name suggests, agro shade nets are used to provide the crops with a shade from the sunrays. Though sunrays are the major requirement for the growth of plants and crops, yet it has been seen and recorded that over-exposure to sun rays can lead to much damage to the crops. This happens because certain crops and plants are extremely fragile. They do not require too much of sun exposure. Moreover, there are certain geographical locations which are more prone to harsh sun rays than other places. In these places, the cultivation of many crops is unfeasible. To cultivate fragile plants, one must take care of the crops well. The agro shade net is one such way to protect the crops.

UV Rays

The Ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause much harm to humans, animals and of course plants and crops. Researches and studies have shown that exposure to UV radiations cause damage and kill the cells of living organisms. These are facts that have been confirmed after several researches and experiments conducted by students of botany. One of the simple ways to understand and study the effects of UV radiations is the fact that they cause Cancer in human beings. Similarly, these UV rays can cause little to complete damage to the plants that are exposed to them. There are, however, protective mechanisms in our bodies and in our environment that function to minimize or prevent the deleterious effects caused by over exposure of living organisms to ultraviolet radiation. Pigment, present in the skin of most human beings, and ozone, present in the stratosphere, both serve to absorb ultraviolet radiation. An increase of UV radiation would be expected to affect crops. A number of economically important species of plants, such as rice, depend on cyanobacteria residing on their roots for the retention of nitrogen. Cyanobacteria are sensitive to UV radiation and would be affected by its increase. “Despite mechanisms to reduce or repair the effects of increased ultraviolet radiation, plants have a limited ability to adapt to increased levels of UVB, therefore plant growth can be directly affected by UVB radiation.”

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