June 24, 2024

Airbrushing kits can get extremely expensive and it is recommended that you do your homework and make some choices prior to you making any purchase. This way, when you are ready to purchase you really feel comfortable in knowing that the airbrushing kit you’re buying really fits your specific needs and price range.

Initially, you have to choose, what you are likely to use the airbrush for? The airbrush was limited previously to simply Artists and Illustrators however, now the airbrush is being utilized for numerous uses, airbrush cake decorating, airbrush T-shirt art, model building, temporary airbrush tattoos, airbrush makeup, spray tanning, motorcycle and automotive custom airbrush painting just to mention a few. In many of these areas it is all about the details… particularly how detailed do you wish to be? If you are intending to use the airbrush for Illustrations or fine detail as an example you will need to acquire one which has a smaller sized tip (.18mm). Or if you are planning to use the airbrush for spraying on a tattoo design by way of a stencil clearly you will not need one with fine detail. (.5mm) An excellent standard propose spray tip size is around (.3mm)

Next, what sort of medium or paint you may be utilizing and exactly how much of it are you spraying? Some airbrushes include a number of spray tip sizes that not only allows for detail versatility but in addition the thickness or viscosity of your paint that may be sprayed. If you are considering doing some big surface area painting like Spray tanning or T-shirt work a Siphon feed airbrush is recommended. It enables you to use larger quantities of paint without needing to refill and gives you the capability to easily switch to another color.

Gravity vs. Suction (siphon) Feed?

Gravity fed or suction fed is a highly debated subject in the world of airbrushing. Which is better? That really depends a lot on personal preference.

Suction-fed airbrushes work by “sucking” the paint up a hose that is inserted into the paint bottle hanging below the airbrush. This type of airbrush takes a few seconds to begin spraying because it has to fill the tube with paint before it can reach the airbrush. Most suction feed airbrushes have larger needle and nozzle tips. So an advantage of a suction feed type airbrush is that it can usually spray thicker paints than a gravity fed airbrush because of the larger needle and nozzle sizes.

Suction fed airbrushes are very popular for painting t-shirts and other textiles, as these types of paints are usually thicker and spray better with a suction feed airbrush.

Once drawback to suction fed airbrushes is that they use quite a bit more paint than gravity fed brushes. So, if you are planning to paint things where a lot of the same color paint will be used, or you will be spraying a thicker paint, a suction fed brush is a good investment.

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