June 19, 2024

Poker attracts many players from all over the world. It is a very popular card game. You can win money and have a lot fun playing poker with your friends over the internet. Online poker gives many opportunities for every player.

If you want to play poker online you will have to find special software. This software can be downloaded from websites of poker rooms. After you have downloaded and installed the software you will have to create a new account for playing poker. During this process you will have to fill your name, nickname, address and Hopper Referral Code. What for the “Referral Code” field is? Many players do not know how to fill it. But this field is very important.

Referral code is a special word or letter combination. It shows to a poker room where you have come from. For example poker community has special code “rake”. If you use this code during the registration poker room will understand that you are a member of particular poker community. When you use referral code you tell the poker room: “I am a member of this community”.

How can referral code change your poker life? Most players do not think about this question. But it is very important to use the best code during registration. Proper code can increase your income from playing poker. If you consider poker as business you know that income is a goal of every poker player. You must use every opportunity to increase your income and win more money.

You should use a code of good poker community or poker related website. Such websites offer many extra promotions. If you use proper code you will be able to participate in private freerolls and tournaments. Private promotions are very attractive. For example some poker communities organize private freerolls with $500 in prize pool and 300 – 400 participants. It is a very good opportunity to increase bankroll for free.

Most poker communities offer extra help for those players who were signed up with their codes. They will help you to solve problems and will give you advice in difficult situations.

As you can see referral code is very important. Players who do not pay attention to referral code during registration lose many future opportunities. I advice you to use only best referral codes. Use search engines and try to find poker communities with good promotions. It will tale 2 – 3 hours to find and compare different poker websites with promotions.

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