July 22, 2024

In Indonesia, gambling is strictly prohibited under Law Number 7 of 1974 concerning the Prosecution of Economic Crimes (UU PTE). This law prohibits all forms of gambling, including Best Non Gamstop Casinos operations and other gambling activities. As a country with a Muslim majority population, Indonesia implements a ban on gambling to reflect fundamental Islamic moral and legal values.

Gambling Prohibition in Indonesia

  1. Law Number 7 of 1974: This law strictly prohibits all forms of gambling in Indonesia. Violation of this law is subject to criminal sanctions, including large fines and/or imprisonment.
  2. Best Non Gamstop Casinos and Other Gambling Venues: There are no best non gamstop casinos or other gambling establishments in Indonesia. Any form of gambling, whether it be card games, dice, slot machines, or sports betting, is considered illegal.
  3. Supervision and Law Enforcement: The Indonesian government strictly monitors and enforces the prohibition of gambling. Authorities such as the Police and the Ministry of Law and Human Rights are responsible for cracking down on and shutting down illegal operations related to gambling.

Consequences of Violation

  1. Criminal Penalties: Violations of the gambling ban in Indonesia can result in serious criminal penalties, including prison sentences that can reach several years, depending on the severity of the violation and the role of the perpetrator.
  2. Large Fines: In addition to prison sentences, violations can also result in significant fines, depending on the amount of bets or revenue from the illegal operation involved.
  3. Operation Shutdown: Illegal Best Non Gamstop Casinos and other gambling establishments found to be operating illegally in Indonesia may be shut down and their assets seized by the government.

Position of Society and Culture

Although gambling is prohibited by law, there are still illegal gambling activities that exist in some places in Indonesia. However, the general public view supports the prohibition of gambling as part of deeply held social and religious values.


Indonesia has a strict ban on gambling based on its laws and social values. Despite the existence of illegal gambling activities, the government continues to monitor and enforce these bans seriously. This approach is based on efforts to promote morality, protect society from potential addiction and financial loss, and maintain the cultural values ​​held in the country.

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