June 20, 2024


If a power outage occurs while you are using your computer or similar devices, there is a risk of damage or loss of data. That’s why it’s essential to protect your equipment with ups systems.

How do you work?

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides backup power for devices such as computers, electrical appliances, and even cell phones. It stores electricity by connecting to the device and the socket. If the power goes out, the UPS system turns on automatically, so you can use your device uninterrupted.

Working in tandem with your computer, a UPS system can give you enough time to save data, close programs, and gracefully shut down during power outages.

Types of UPS systems

The two types of UPS systems are Standby Power Supply (SPS) systems and Online UPS systems.

A PLC directly monitors the performance of your devices. It automatically switches to battery operation as soon as it detects problems with the main socket. It also has fast power transfer that allows uninterrupted use of the device.

The online UPS system allows continuous use of the device without power outages. It works even when electricity is available, storing electricity from its own system. Online UPS systems are usually more expensive and reliable than PLC.

Selection of a UPS system

When purchasing UPS systems, it is important to consider two things: extended runtime and warranty. Look for a UPS system that offers longer runtime in the event of a power outage. Before you buy a UPS system, it is best to first check the compatibility of your device. Wrong UPS can damage your equipment and cost you more money.

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