April 22, 2024

Every individual is different and one needs to express his individuality in the way he dresses and the way he presents himself to the world. Surprisingly this is the reason why customized things are gaining popularity day after day. People search for something unique, and want distinctiveness in whatever they do. This is the same principle, when it comes to Custom fitted hats.

These caps are becoming a celebrated phenomenon, as you will be able to see almost everyone wanting a customized cap for themselves, with a design that has not been yet seen. Taking this need into cognizance, a lot of companies are coming forth with offers to make the most exquisite caps for every individual. But sometimes, it becomes a little difficult to always order and spend money on them. If you want a collection of customized caps, but do not have the budget to do so, here are some tips, which will help you to make your own cap.

Size: Pick up a cap from the market, which fits exactly on your head. This can be easily found, and make sure that you like the design too. Customized effect comes into being, only if they are your size. Thus size matters a lot when selecting your cap.

Material: Select an appropriate fabric while choosing your cap. A bit stretchable material will be beneficial, as this fabric will give a perfect fit to your cap.

Design: Imagine your cap as your canvas, and try to be as creative as possible. Make designs on them ranging from embroidery, painting, sketching, or even crafting. Have a design in mind before you select your cap. In this way you will know the space needed on the cap to make your design.

Picture: If you have any picture which you would like to flash it on your cap, then print the picture on a printer fabric sheet. Then cut the patch out and carefully stitch them on your cap.

Printing a picture on your cap can also be done by local fabric printers, but it is best to make your own, as you will be the best evaluator of your own cap.


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