June 20, 2024

Millions of Americans suffer from insomnia and intermittent sleep problems. There are many causes, but there are some common sense remedies that can help you get the sleep you want. One of these treatments can be found in the type of sleep pillow you choose. Let’s take a look at the different sleeping pillows available and how they can help you deal with tossing and turning problems or the inability to sleep at all.

If you suffer from arthritis, you don’t have to be told that this condition can seriously interfere with your ability to sleep. It is most likely difficult to get into a comfortable position without waking up with joint pain. Arthritis of the neck can play an important role in preventing you from sleeping comfortably. Supporting your neck with the right Sleeping pillow can make the difference between uninterrupted sleep and being awake every hour. As they say, this is a sore throat! So what to do?

The natural curvature of the spine begins right in the neck. When the neck is out of whack, the rest of the spine tends to follow suit. I have good news for you. There are a variety of sleeping pillows specifically designed to support your neck. For example, every department store and thousands of online vendors sell form-fitting foam pillows with a profile that mimics your neck in good posture. One end has a ‘dip’ in the middle to accommodate the head and a protrusion at the top to help hold the head and neck in a comfortable, sound sleeping position throughout the night. Correct neck posture is maintained even when turned sideways. Speaking from personal experience, a comfortable sleeping pillow for your neck will work. The only problem I had then was that my shoulder sooner or later ‘falls asleep’ and I woke up with a sore shoulder, but my neck is still fine! (Maybe what we need here is a new type of full-body sleep support system!)

Following this concept, goose-down sleeping pillows can solve many sleep disorders. My grandmother also suffered from arthritis, but a few luxurious goose-down pillows that supported her head, neck, and torso brought much relief and she was able to sleep comfortably most nights.

The last of our effective remedies is a clever Japanese invention: the heating pillow. This pillow is somewhat like a beanbag chair in that it allows the body to form precise ‘tailored’ contours on an economical and simple pillow. You can buy these (view online) or make your own. Shaped like an oval or rectangle, these natural fabric pillows are filled with rice, heated in a microwave, and placed under the neck. The rice filling perfectly conforms to the contours of the neck and adds a gentle warmth that relaxes the muscles in the neck and upper back.

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