June 20, 2024

Today, dog tags with names, logos and messages are making a huge impact on civilians. From wedding and party gifts to fairs and religious events, these custom dog tags are gaining popularity and have proven to be a big hit promotional item. The most popular of these custom dog tags are embossed stainless steel, laser engraved anodized aluminum, and full color printed plastics and metals.

All kinds of custom dog tags for people have the same dimensions as used. army. The dog tag we are most familiar with originated during World War I. During World War II, the Army distributed dog tag sets containing one long chain, one short chain, and two stainless steel tags. The soldier’s information on these tags was stamped into the metal using a marking method known as metal “embossing”.

Custom dog tags fall into two main categories: authentic military and military “style”. The authentic dog tag is made of stainless steel and features a curled edge. These tags are usually available in both glossy and matte silver finishes and are the same tags used. army. Military style dog tags do not have curled edges and are made of aluminum or plastic in a variety of primary colors.


Each dog tag category has its own way of customizing it. Authentic military grade stainless steel tags are “embossed” to reveal raised letters from the surface. Embossing can only be applied to one side of the tag and is limited to letters, numbers and some special characters. There is enough space for 5 lines and up to 15 characters per line. Anodized aluminum and plastic dog tags have more engraving options. Aluminum tags are customized using a marking method commonly known as “laser engraving”. Here, both text and logos can be reproduced in very high resolution on one or both sides. Laser engraving works by removing the colored anodized surface and exposing the raw aluminum beneath the surface. High-quality laser engraved marks appear bright white. Military style plastic dog tags are customized using full color process printing. Here, a full-color imprint is first applied to a self-adhesive backing vinyl, then contoured to the exact dog tag shape and adhered to the surface. This printing method allows full-color logos and designs to be reproduced at very high resolution.

Dog tags continue to evolve with new materials, shapes and functional designs for personalization. In addition to the familiar stainless steel, aluminum and plastic dog tags, there are many unique dog tags on the market including dog tag flashlights, dog tag lip balm cases, mini and jumbo dog tags. Custom dog tags have proven to be a very popular marketing tool for both business and personal applications and are poised to be the next big hit promotional product.

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