June 24, 2024

Any modern company that sends out workers into the field to represent the company must ensure that their mobile workforce gives the best of image and brand representation. Delays in work completion, late arrivals, missing of appointments and poor work quality tend to place the company’s reputation in dire straits.

Software solution

Service oriented companies need to be always alert to their customers and consumers’ expectations on services rendered to enjoy a continuous favorable market presence. This is where specialized Workforce management software has been designed to improve the company’s image, brand, productivity and workers’ performance. All these lead to improved bottom line for the company. Thus, it is crucial for companies to have workforce management software that improves the company’s service business.

The myriad of exciting features incorporated in the workforce management software is found to enhance the company’s service productivity by 25%. The cutting-edge HTML5 mobile app handles all project appointments efficiently with data stored and transferred to a wide range of modern mobile devices that includes Android, iPhone and iPad.

Innovative service oriented companies that implement effective mobile workforce management systems stand to win more businesses with appointments properly scheduled which are downloaded to the mobile worker’s information device for prompt action. With the right skills and experience, the assigned task can be completed quickly and efficiently.


Some of the exciting features in workforce management software include parts and materials management with the assignment of mobile workforce to any task. This is to enable field workers to be equipped with the necessary tools for the job assigned with an early plan of action rather than to make a trip back to the office for the needy.

This approach helps save time for the field worker and customer as the former moves from one task to another. Better communication is achieved with customers as their profiles and relevant information are available through the field worker’s mobile device. Such information is downloaded with the job details to allow the field worker to handle the task effectively.

The workforce management system is able to connect with the field worker’s mobile device which allows signature captures as an acknowledgement by customers on work done. The customer signature is sent back to the system server for back end processing on payments and reports.

System administrators are able to track any assigned job’s progress at all times with the powerful and quick workforce tracking capabilities built into the software.


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