June 19, 2024

Your best deals are going to be found “in the weeds”.

Subjectivity is a high hurdle to overcome in a resale business (or any business for that matter). Because of this, consumers can get some great deals. Pricing items is very hard. And, the people who price them are not always familiar with the market.

For example, how much would you charge for a shirt with a stain? That is hard to answer. You have to know more information.

How big is the stain?
How dark is the stain?
Where is the stain?
What kind of shirt (dress shirt or play shirt)?
What brand of shirt?

You think this is difficult for you, try pricing hundreds (if not thousands) of clothing items in a row…for hours. There comes a point where the person pricing starts to lose focus. This is why I do not want my employees pricing clothes for more than an hour without a break.

The easiest clothes to price are the clothes that still have their tags. So, these will not be your best deal (great quality but less deal worthy). The next easiest are the name brands clothes. A name brand adds at least $2 to any item (good quality and alright deal). However, your best deals deals are found “in the weeds”. These clothes you have to work for. Most people 2ndswing promo code shop for these because they don’t want to work that hard, or they don’t trust their judgement. A Polo shirt must be cute…it says Polo. But without a label you are left with only your judgement. If you are confident in your taste, this is what you need to find. The deals are “in the weeds”, off-brand or no-brand clothes (alright quality and great deal). The drawback of shopping like this is finding the right size. An unknown brand can be made differently that other brands. When buying resale the suggestion is always to buy for the future. Your kids will grow up and grow into these deals.


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