June 13, 2024

Technology is very well developed today. Resources are promoted as well as actively supported by educationists all over the world. Free teacher resources are available Online IB tutoring for easy access for the teacher and the students alike. The teacher can now plan his lessons and other activities without having to sit for long hours. Traditional teaching has been replaced by interactive media, which is convenient for use both for the teacher as well as the student.

Interactive whiteboard has made classrooms more attractive. It has made teaching and leaning, fun filled activities. Often the traditional modalities of teaching were cumbersome. The best thing about interactive white boards (briefly called as I.W.B) is that, even students can take part in it. It is found to increase the level of comprehension of the student.

The best application of the interactive white board is while teaching difficult subjects in the classroom. The white board coupled with the free teacher resources has made the task of teaching subjects as Math’s easier and better understood by the student.

An interesting point to be noted about the interactive boards is that each program can be altered to suit the specific requirement of the classroom. Such resources are available without any price on the internet. Information can easily be stored and anybody can access it anytime from just about anywhere in the world.

As free teacher resources, various schools and other educational institutes develop their own interactive web sites. Is this way they contribute to the over all growth of the online resources for the teachers, helping the community to grow. Such materials can also be accessed as resources by teachers from other educational concerns as well. It is not restricted to just one school.


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