December 5, 2023

What are you looking for in a sword? While some sword buyers are looking for a fully functional and “battle ready” sword, others are simply interested in having a sword for display in their home or business. I’m writing this article to help you to make an educated decision when you are ready to buy a sword online.

If you plan to use your new sword for cutting exercises, martial arts practice or other physical tasks, you should consider buying a full tang sword. A full tang basically means that the metal from the blade extends all the way to the end of the sword’s handle. These types of swords are typically much stronger and safer than tensa zangetsu swords with a half tang or even a ¾ tang, and you will be thankful to have that added strength.

What if you just want a nice looking sword to hang up or display in your home? Is a full tang really necessary? If this is your situation, you can save a considerable amount of money by purchasing a sword without a full tang. Although some sword enthusiasts prefer a traditionally made sword with a full tang even for display purposes, it is not really necessary to have such strength for a sword that will simply sit on display.

Do you want to test the durability of your new sword by doing cutting tests? If so, I recommend purchasing a full tang sword with high carbon steel. Swords with high carbon steel usually stay sharp for long periods of time and require less maintenance in terms of sharpening. However, beware that high carbon steels will rust and corrode if not cared for properly. To prevent this from happening, always leave a light coat of oil or Vaseline on the blade of your sword.

Not surprisingly, some canes actually had a long blade installed. The sword canes became more popular as the the carrying of swords declined and firearms replaced them as the main weapons. The popularity of these sword walking sticks peaked around the mid-18th century, but they were still used into Victorian times. The length of the blade changes significantly among different types of sword walking sticks. Some sword canes are more like a knife cane. Some have a double blade, others have a single blade, and still others have a sharp point for thrusting, but not for cutting. Because it was simple to construct, the last type, a sharp-point sword, is currently most commonly found in antique sword walking canes from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Since the sword canes, like walking canes in general, were also a display of the owner’s taste, they were often extensively decorated. From ancient times, most deadly weapons have often been artistically decorated, as you can find in many museums. The same is true of the sword walking sticks. Many cane handles were made from ornate silver, carved wood, the finest ivory, and even embellished with jewels and crystals. These ornamentation actually made the sword canes difficult to use as weapons, but many preferred appearance over practicality.



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