June 14, 2024

Innumerable followers on social media will inevitably be a great thing for your online venture. However, there’s a need for ensuring their authenticity. If you are one of those passionate online entrepreneurs, you will surely not wish to get affected by the numerous social media platforms.

Even the most popular social media channels consider this issue, of fake follower check huge importance. A statistical reference will help us get a complete lowdown on this issue.

According to reliable market reports, some of the fake social media accounts remain unidentified. If statistics presented by Facebook in 2015 are anything to go by, then a whopping 10% of users on this platform are not authentic.

If that’s the story presented by Facebook, we also have Twitter unraveling some unique facts in this context.

Quite naturally, these facts and figures speak a lot about this alarming situation.

And that’s what makes us arrive at a crucial question.

Do these fake accounts bring bad news for your dream venture? Let’s get down to finding the answer.

What are the effects?

Contrary to the popular belief, fake accounts do nothing to boost your online presence. In fact, it’s the other way around. Fake followers will fail to interact with your business, thus resulting in lower rankings, conversions, and lower engagement.

Most of the time, these fake followers fail to offer credibility, thus cluttering your following and tarnishing your brand.

Building a genuine online presence will be the best thing to do in this context. And that will also save your dream business from getting penalized by Facebook and Twitter.

Here’s what you can do to keep fake followers away from your business.

1. Evaluation of social media accounts performance

Fake profiles do not belong to a particular demographic. Most of them haven’t even updated their profiles and statuses since a long time. Therefore, there are simply no chances of interaction.

Performing a competitive analysis on your competitor’s engagement will be the right thing to do. That will also help you get an idea about their content quality and diversity. You can also utilize social media tools to check your social media account performance.

2. Audit suspicious accounts

Performing regular audits of your social media account will also prove to be beneficial. It will help you gather crucial information about three aspects. By helping you know about your fake, good, and inactive followers, social media account audits will offer great opportunities for banning fake followers.

3. Report against fake accounts

The most effective way to get rid of fake followers is by reporting against them. Popular social media accounts will offer the liberty to do so. If you don’t receive responses from the platform even after reporting such fake followers, you will have the option to ban them.

Final thoughts

When it comes to enhancing your brand’s credibility, you need to embrace reality. Fake followers will do nothing good for your business. Hence, you must follow these tips and keep them away.


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