June 21, 2024

It doesn’t often come up with magic tricks online that offer to take a budding amateur magician and take his little talent from zero to hero in the time it takes to make a pot of coffee. One of the websites I’m talking about online is Ellusionist. There are a few other websites as well, but Ellusionist seems to be in a prime position for marketing and promoting magic these days. The tricks revealed to you on Ellusionist (at a great price, of course) will, with a little practice, transform you into a master Virtual Magician where everyone will bow at your feet.

The reality is often that learning magic tricks online on sites like Ellusionist and Penguinmagic.com will leave your young customers oh how many, not to mention how much work goes into each effect! And it could be a bit deceptive if some footage was edited compared to a professional magician performing magic tricks to a drunken or casual audience, or if the promo video didn’t explain that most of the audience came from a bar drunk. They took effect and collapsed. That said, there are plenty of good Ellusionist tricks on the market, but if we’re being fair, some of the tricks that Ellusionist promotes are overhyped and overpriced.

Many people have reverted to using YouTube to find online magic. Just type in the name of the effect and you’ll find a 10-year-old showing how the trick is done, titled “Ellusionist Trick Revealed.” Some amateur magicians performing for friends have not practiced enough and the angle is not right, exposing tricks. Get the effect you want. My point is, it’s time to get back to the old ways if you want magic to no longer be exposed. I remember when the only place to learn magic was in the magic shop. I’m lost these days. I do not know. I wonder what happened to the magic. The mystery and wonder of going to a magic shop seems to have been replaced by modern commercialism over prices. A little magic from magic.

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