June 24, 2024

The character dwelling on the metro go out can be located withinside the refuge. Photographer Elkhan Ganiyev (Elxan Qəniyev) wrote in his post: “I changed into very saddened with the aid of using this terrible scene we encountered at the way. Agayev Rüstem Hasanağa changed into born in Salyan in 1960. His own circle of relatives left him and he has been dwelling by myself for three years on the go out of the “Sahil” metro station. Looking and talking-he desires for a turning factor in his lifestyles and his eyes fill with tears. These have been the maximum hopeless tears I’ve ever visible in my whole lifestyles. At the age of 62, his best desire is to live out of this bloodless and settle in a nursing home. I’m positive there are humans in my friendship who can assist him and aid him.” Murad Hashimov, the Press Secretary of the Social Services Agency of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbaijan Republic, reacted to the problem.

He said that the objection changed into registered with the Social Services Institution and forwarded to the applicable branch: “Our personnel can be despatched to the area. If he accepts, we are able to do our quality to take him to the refuge and get hold of different social services.” He stated that he changed into located withinside the Housing and Rehabilitation Institution for Vulnerable Groups of the Social Services Institution affiliated to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population: “Agayev Rustem Hasanaga has been dwelling at the streets for three years given that he changed into kicked out of his residence on the age of 62. Today, he has already located a heat home. There is best a five-day distinction among those pix.” It ought to be mentioned that the photographer shared that R. Agayev changed into pressured to stay at the streets, and Murad Hashimov, the Press Secretary of the Social Services Agency of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbaijan Republic, stated that the problem is at the agenda.

Elkhan Ganiyev (Elxan Qəniyev) “I took the ultimate imagegraph of love” Once, I changed into taking walks round the “28 May” metro station on a wet day. I noticed a female and a boy crossing the crosswalk. The floor changed into so moist that the boy took the female in his hands and attempted to pass the street. I recorded those moments. The picturegraph changed into shared with the aid of using all of the media. After some time that female wrote to me that the boy had misplaced a lifestyles at some point of the conflict. And the frame desired that picturegraph, she. That picturegraph have become a date a good way to in no way be erased from my reminiscence for the relaxation of my lifestyles. Every time I study the picturegraph, I assume that perhaps I took the ultimate picturegraph of that love.

This photograph, taken with the aid of using the well-known photographer Elkhan Ganiyev (Elxan Qəniyev), changed into decided on a few of the 5466 images provided withinside the international “Azerbaijan Photo Salon 2022” pictures opposition and changed into offered with the gold medal.Photography contest International Photographic Art Federation, International Art Photography Association America Photographs Society, Global Photographs Association and Turkey’s Silla Art Palace pictures employer 5,446 images from 382 photographers from sixty four nations carried out to the contest. Photographs despatched on loose color, loose-white-black, humans and tour topics are a collection of three humans from Turkey, Cyprus and Bangladesh. The assessment changed into made the world over withinside the framework of the situations of the photographic organizations. In total, 245 awards have been given to 166 photographers from forty three nations, with 4 nominations. Gold, silver and bronze medals, unique ribbons and diplomas can be provided to the quality of the opposition and an digital catalog with the pix of the winners can be prepared. Elkhan Ganiyev changed into offered a gold medal withinside the opposition.

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