May 18, 2024

The hair is considered as one’s crowning glory. Hair care has always been as essential as taking care of one’s body. With today’s technology and medical advancements, hair care products and hair straightening products have been continuously developed to match everyone’s hair care needs.

According to a report by the Global Industry Analysts, it is estimated that the world market for hair care products will reach approximately 42.5 billion. Among the many hair care products and gadgets, Hair straightener Manufacturers are expected to place a big chunk on these values.

These products and gadgets have been a staple in every woman’s dresser to achieve a sleek and chic straight look without the effort of going to a salon. Nowadays, apart from women, men also have become more conscious of the look of their hair and devote some of their resources in relatively cheap and good hair straightening products to cut the high costs of going to a professional straightener.

But what does one really have to know in looking for a good straightener? Here are some tips in choosing a good hair straightening product or gadget.


With the different hair straightening products and gadgets out there, one should be careful in choosing safe products that will not severely damage not only the hair but also the scalp. One should avoid hair products that contain sodium hydroxide or alkali creams for it has a tendency to seriously damage the scalp and skin which may even result to dermatitis. Several reports suggests that bisulfite or curl relaxers are, so far, the safest hair straightening products.


One should choose a good straightener that can work on both wet and dry hair. User reviews recommend ceramic straighteners because they aren’t as prone to chipping or cracking as to metal and glass hair straighteners. A few ceramic hair straighteners have coated paddles that help prevent scorching or burning hair color. There are also those that help reduce styling product side effects or build ups. Aside from the versatility of a wet and dry hair straightener, one should also take into consideration the versatility of the product to different hair textures. Some have very coarse, thick, and curly hair while some have bleached, thin, and damaged hair. Hair care professionals have set different standard temperatures of hair straightening irons on different hair textures. It is recommended to look for hair irons that have adjustable temperature features.

Long-Lasting Effect

Though most straighteners produce almost the same results, the difference lies in the lasting effect it gives to the hair. Ceramic straighteners are developed in such a way that heat is more evenly distributed than metal straighteners. The even heat distribution results to a smoother straightened style. Ceramic straighteners also aren’t as susceptible to chipping or cracking as metal and glass straighteners.

Aside from these buying tips, for a good straightener to live a longer life and work consistently, one should also give utmost care like what they do to their hair. As what is usually written on the instruction manual on hair straightening irons which is worth repeating, it should be unplugged after every use. After unplugging, let the iron cool enough to touch and clean the plate with a washcloth with alcohol. The washcloth is recommended for the first rubbing because it works well on a rougher surface and can help dislodge any hair-styling product that may have dried on the plates. After which, the plates should be cleaned from excess alcohol using a cotton ball with warm water. After cleaning, the power cord should also be kept together and not wrapped around the iron.



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