May 18, 2024

There are five types of coffee lovers in the world, and each one has his or her own unique coffee-drinking personality. If you or someone you know fits the five profiles below, it may be time to consider a monthly coffee delivery service.

#1 – The Crazy Coffee Addict

If you are not the crazy coffee addict, then chances are you know one – or a few. These people can drink coffee all day long, even in 100-degree blistering heat, without breaking a sweat. They drink their coffee subscriptions at 11pm, just minutes before bed, but never miss a wink. This person is the prime candidate for a monthly coffee club. They can get all of their favorites delivered to their door – as much or as little as they would like – and they will never, ever run out of coffee again.

#2 – The Busy On-the-Go Person

We all know someone who goes, goes, goes. These individuals never stop, whether they are running kids to and from sporting events, hosting book clubs and Tupperware parties, or working 80-hour weeks. First, these people need their coffee just to keep up. Second, they just do not have time to stand in line at some expensive franchise, hoping and praying that the barista gets the order right. They want their coffee, and they want it now. A coffee subscription service provides that.

#3 – The Person who Loves Trying New Blends

There are craft beer aficionados. There are wine sommeliers. There are also people who want to get their hands on every single coffee blend they can find. Even if you live in a large city, finding a decent selection of blends instead of the same blend from 100 different makers is exhausting. A monthly coffee club gives these individuals an opportunity to try dozens upon dozens of blends, all without the frustration of going all over town to find them.

#4 – The One who Loves Gourmet Coffee

Some people are a little bit snobby when it comes to their coffee, and that is perfectly okay. They just know what they like. If you have a friend who loves gourmet coffee, a gift to a coffee subscription service is an amazing choice. You can pick the first shipment, if you would like, and then your friend can customize his or her coffees each month to suit his or her preferences.

#5 – The Franchise Hater

Finally, there is the franchise hater. Maybe the barista mispronounced his name one too many times. Maybe she got mocha instead of caramel on the worst day of her life. Maybe she just despises saying the word “vente” when all she wants is an enormous cup of hot coffee. In a world where people pay upwards of $6 for a single cup of coffee – more than once per day – a monthly coffee club seems like a no-brainer. It gives these folks great coffee without all of the frustration associated with big-name coffee shops.



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