February 23, 2024

There are several variations and fabrics used in a Hawaiian shirt. This article will discuss the popular Hawaiian shirts of different kinds.

Hawaiian shirt designs vary and could be distinguished depending on the print. It can be identified with the pattern running across the shirt. Here are the popular designs used for Hawaiian shirt.

Basic all-over print – This is probably the most common among all Hawaiian shirts. It is characterized by repeating prints that appear throughout the fabric. The print does not have to be symmetrical although common basic all-over print Hawaiian shirt does have uniform pattern. Among all Hawaiian shirts, this type can be worn either tucked in or free.

Scenic print – This might be the second most popular Hawaiian shirt design. Some people find the scenic print appealing for it characterizes the vacation experience. The scenic print is distinguish by repeating images, usually a scenery rather than the typical basic repeating images of a leaf or flower.

Border – This Hawaiian shirt is intended to be worn untucked for its design going across the shirt. Unlike the basic all-over and scenic print, the border (bottom) Hawaiian shirts have large and full images that run at the bottom of the shirt.

Matched print – This design has the identity if continuous print that runs from one part of the shirt to the other. The design is almost the same with the border print with its large print the starting at the bottom up; the only difference is that the shirt receives seamless image from the left part to the right uninterrupted by the buttons. Since it is the character of the design, the matched print Hawaiian shirt is more difficult and requires a great skill to make.

Panel – This kind of design is identified with vertical panels. Like the basic all-over and scenic print, this type of Hawaiian shirt has repeating patterns, usually that of leaves, flowers or both.

Engineered – This type of Hawaiian shirt design depicts are greater image, usually repeats every 18 inches. It is like the matched print and border print with seamless design even if it crosses the buttons. This is the most expensive among all Hawaiian shirt designs because its high-quality fabric.

Matched pocket – Like the matched print, the matched pocket has a seamless design, this time at the pockets. Most Hawaiian shirts have matched pocket design.

Several fabrics are used to make Hawaiian shirts. Here are some:

Cotton – is the most common fabric used for most several types of clothes due to its nature. Cotton is easily washable with any type of detergent and can bear high temperatures without hurting the fiber.

Rayon – is a fabric that should be carefully washed. Some even would only withstand dry-cleaning. Extra care should be practiced to Hawaiian shirts with rayon fabric. Rayon is comfortable when worn.

Hemp – is another type of fabric used to make Hawaiian shirt. They are tough, tougher than the duration of 20 cotton shirts combined. To wash hemp, all that is needed is a good detergent.



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