June 24, 2024

Cocaine detox involves a controlled process of clearing the drug out of the addict’s system. Like other substance detoxification process, detox from cocaine must be done in a medically supervised inpatient facility to effectively address the withdrawal symptoms that are directly associated with the cessation of cocaine use. Before even considering this procedure, make sure to consult a healthcare professional first to give you an idea on what to expect.

It is essential that the detoxification process must be facilitated in a well-supervised setting such as a drug detox facility or a rehab clinic to closely monitor the progress of the patient. In addition to that, the patient will have to spend a certain period of time inside the detox facility so they can control their cravings more effectively. Remember that Cocaine withdrawal is a highly addictive drug therefore the patient must be kept away from the temptation to give in to their binges.

The length of the detox program will depend on the severity of the patient’s cocaine addiction. Some may last for several weeks, while others may take months to avoid the risk of relapse. Before the detox process, the patient will have to undergo a physical and psychological assessment to determine their current condition and the extent of the cocaine addiction. After that, the doctor will thoroughly explain and discuss the procedure to ensure that the patient is aware of what he/she is getting into.

The patient must be physically and mentally prepared to face the consequences of drug detox to ensure that he/she will be able to withstand the agonizing process. Normally, cocaine withdrawal will start to manifest 12-24 hours after the initial detoxification begins. These symptoms are expected to intensify in the succeeding days but will slowly diminish within a week. That being said, continuous medical supervision and monitoring is highly recommended during cocaine detox.

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