December 4, 2023

Building business relationship on a face to face meetup or frequent contact are critical element of business development. The good old approach is to get out there and call on your customers or go knocking on the doors of your prospects.

You also have to show up at networking meetings, conferences  virtual roundtables and any events that are relevant to your objectives to realize potential deals; that is, go to the places where your customers congregate, provide some bonding and entertainment over meals.

The above are totally relevant when come to Social meetup but with new Internet development it could soon be substitute with Social Networking.

The benefits of social networking for salespeople and entrepreneurs is usually more strategic and can be more visible so that the business comes to you, and can get ideas from others that might enhance your own success.

Next, we describe the advantages:-

Generating Referrals

When you participate in blogs or discussion groups, people get to know you as a representative of your organization and will approach to you when they Hear of someone who is doing business After the frequent judgement by your follower and reviewing your comment, they come to feel like they know and trust You and will feel comfortable telling other people about you. Know who the movers and shakers are and find ways to get in close proximity to them. Who are the leaders in your community? The decision makers? If possible, research who they are and what they’re interested ahead of time, so that you can make a strong first impression. Have courage and introduce yourself. Or even better, if you have a mutual connection and it’s someone they respect, have that person make the introduction.

Make a good Impression. Try to create an opening online and establish instant credibility and rapport.

If you’re introducing yourself online, don’t just send a quick friend request to the social networking sites ~ ask engaging questions that show you have an interest in what they’re working on and make the conversation exciting. I highly recommend sending them some interesting media,eg Photo, personal video, graphic presentation etc.This way they don’t just read what you have to say that’s important and valuable, but they hear you, see you, and feel your energy and passion. They see that you’ve put effort in to this and are willing to differentiate yourself from the masses.

And most important, if you do get the chance to connect in person, maintain your composure and confidence, always approach each contact as if it is the beginning of a long-term, high-value relationship.

Identifying your target and build rapport with them.

Scouring the membership of online social networks and checking out blogs and discussion groups to see who’s talking are great ways to identify people who might need to know about you and your product or services.

Knowing your potential customer.

With each potential customer on the network, anyone is a possible client. Find out more about them when they are online, and strategize your next approach through the networks and sell your product to them the effective ways.

Here are a few of my key rapport building questions to get you started:

What is the most important project you are currently involved in, in case I or someone I know can be a resource to you?

Who is your perfect customer/ partner in case I can refer you business?

What has been the biggest challenge of your career and who helped you

What is most important to you personally and in business? What are the latest business tools?

To set yourself apart as a person worthy of long-term connection and relationship, it is critical that you do your part to help both of you benefit from this new relationship. And the best way for you to get what you want, is to help them get what they want!

Establish a Consistent Follow-Up System

People need to believe in you and know that their money, time, energy, etc. will be well spent. It’s a process of establishing trust and credibility, and this means that you must be consistent in your communications. Consistent in frequency, consistent in the value you have to offer, and consistent in your desire to champion THEIR mission


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