June 20, 2024

Dell Printers are manufactured by Lexmark with many of the printers looking very much alike and the cartridges are virtually identical. However, Lexmark cartridges will not work in your Dell printer without some modification and if you search the internet you should be able to find some reference material to allow you to take on such an operation.

Since Dell printers are basically rebranded Lexmark printers, you will find that the running costs of these printers can be one of the highest around. Lexmark now only sell single use cartridges and these stop the possibility of them being refilled, either by you, or by companies that remanufacture cartridges. Because of this only the older Dell inkjet printers can offer good value for money.

If you are looking to purchase a dell ink printer, it would definitely be worth looking in to the cost per page of printing, you will see that many manufacturers prices vary massively on the per sheet cost. In our experience, we found that Brother Inkjet printers are the cheapest to run over the longer term.

As for Laser printers we find that even with the high cost of their branded cartridges the quality and speed of these dell printer ink are among the best available. We use a Dell printer in our office and do not have a bad word said about it. It prints in excess of 7000 pages per month and we have only had one small problem with some rollers on the inner workings. The cost of replacing the rollers was only and it still prints as it did when new, and even after in excess of 100,000 sides of printing.

It is possible to refill dell printer cartridges and a point of reference can be found by clicking the link.

Dell has worked very hard at creating a reliable and well known brand name. This has come over time with satisfied customers returning to purchase their items. They are better known for their desktop and laptop computers and these remain their core business. Branching out in the supply of printers has lead them to take their eye off the ball as they are governed by outside factors, with Lexmark and therefore are not doing themselves any favours in the world of printers. Dell ink printers and Dell ink cartridges are reliable but very expensive. It would be well worth looking for Dell compatible cartridges, if possible, for your printer.

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