April 22, 2024

Compaction equipment has become very sophisticated because of the extremely high demand for faster and efficient machinery. Whether it is used for asphalt, refuse, re-cycling or soil compaction there is a specific unit for every conceivable need. The vast range of light- and heavy weight machinery are fuel efficient, low on carbon emissions and is quite gentle on the ears.

The advanced technology has put great emphasis on saving and restoring the environment Going green is not only a number one priority but a vital necessity in this industry. Modifications are continuously implicated to improve handling and maneuverability. Another main factor is the speed efficiency of the machine.

Lightweight machines in the region of plus minus 70 kilograms are quite useful in the construction business. It makes light work of self contained compactor service in trenches and foundations. Units fitted with pad foot roller drums can be used for various tasks. They are specifically designed to work on very loose soil and come complete with safety protection.The single drum roller is ideal for larger ares. It is suitable for the enthusiast embarking on a driveway project or the landscaper constructing a footpath.

Heavy duty machines that are used on landfill construction are exceptionally powerful. As they are indispensable when it comes to laying foundations they can be found amongst others on earthworks, railroad and dam construction sites. They handle thousands of tons per day and are hydro-statically driven. Engineered to generate extreme compaction power, the machines come complete with high standard mobility and matching quality traction. Operating the latest machines have becoming easier, safer and faster.

A stationary compactor can be used in the industrial and commercial sectors. Hospitals, shopping malls and office blocks are amongst the many industries that utilize them. Built to satisfy a specific requirement there are a variety of types and sizes available on the market. Waste, especially the dry sort, gets compacted in a detachable container that can be easily removed from the premises. Having a compactor means saving on storage space and cutting out pilferage.

Mobile compactors are designed for quick and reliable service. Municipalities make extensive use of these for domestic as well as industrial waste removal. Portable ones are quite handy for those companies that have small volumes of waste at infrequent times and is within easy reach of a dump site. The time and money saved on recycling has been remarkably beneficial for owners of portable ones.

Hi-tech re-cycling equipment makes light work of waste processing. Tailor made designs also include those that recycle the ever increasing hoards of electronic equipment. As electronic waste is extremely hazardous to the environment concerted efforts are made to reuse as much of it as possible. To meet these demands equipment are regularly upgraded.



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