December 4, 2023

Heart attack is caused due to the low supply of oxygen to the heart muscles or the cardiac muscles which causes death of the cardiac muscles or a permanent damage, resulting into heart failure. This could happen to anyone and at any time. People most susceptible to heart ailments are those with high cholesterol, diabetics, old aged people, those under trauma or severe stress, obese people, people with a very sedentary lifestyle, individuals with inflammatory diseases of arteries. Hereditary factors also play a role in increasing chances for a person to have a heart attack.

All said and done, the few most important things one needs to do when ever heart attack symptoms are identified is to give the right first aid to the patient, before any medical assistance arrives. There are some important once we shall discuss. Fist and foremost, the patient needs to relax and come out of stress. All tight clothes must be loosened, Opioid Detox medicines like aspirin are given so that any clot in the blood so that there is a proper flow of blood to the heart. In case the pain does not subside within 2-3 minutes, then one must rush to the doctor. CPR should be given to the patient in the mean time to revive the heart.

Basic heart attack treatment is available in all hospitals, whether big or small. Most of them start with doing an ECG, which tells how the heart is functioning. Thrombolytic Medicines – also called by clot busters are given because they dissolve blood clots that are blocking the coronary arteries. Beta blockers – reduce heart rate and blood pressure by dilating blood vessels. Thus decrease the workload on the heart and so relieve chest pain. Anticoagulants – blood thinning medication, prevents blood clot from forming in the arteries. Aspirin and Clopidogrel A – an Anti-platelet medication, stops platelets in blood cells to join together and forming undesirable clots.

Besides these heart attack treatment, there are many surgical procedures that are followed, in case medicines are not enough or the case is too severe. All the procedures intend the same, that is to clear the arteries from any blocks, so that blood can flow easily and freely to the heart. Some of the heart attack treatment are Coronary Angioplasty which is a non-surgical procedure used to open blocked coronary arteries. Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting where arteries or veins are surgically taken from other parts of the body and placed around blocked coronary to bypass the blocked coronary arteries. This makes a new route for proper blood flow to the heart muscle.


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